Spend Reports 2016/17

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Expenditure over £500

April to June (PDF, 171KB) April to June (CSV, 169KB)
July to September (PDF, 160KB) July to September (CSV, 160KB)
October to December (PDF, 191KB) October to December (CSV, 163KB)
January to March (PDF, 180KB) January to March (CSV, 193KB)
PDF format CSV format

Procurement card payments

April to June (PDF, 147KB) April to June (CSV, 120KB)
July to September (PDF, 150KB) July to September (CSV, 115KB)
October to December (PDF, 159KB) October to December (CSV, 137KB)
January to March (PDF, 153KB) January to March (CSV, 125KB)

Last updated: 12 May 2017